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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Should I choose Bullseye Cleaning Services?

A: Bullseye Cleaning Services is a full-service cleaning company with nearly 40 years of experience. We are family owned and operated, with a proven track record of success.

When you choose Bullseye Cleaning Services, you be assured that the cleaning crews we send are professional, fully trained and qualified to work on your property, no matter its size.

Q: What if something gets damaged on my property?

A: Our company is fully licensed, bonded and insured in case something happens on your property. However, we properly train our crews to prevent any unnecessary accidents from happening, protecting your property before they ever step into the building.

If damage does occur with one of our crews, we will promptly address the situation and restore the damage immediately.

Q: How often should I get my property cleaned?

A: That depends on your specific needs. We also keep in mind the square footage and foot-traffic. All of these factors will affect how often we recommend servicing your property.

 Q: How long has Bullseye Cleaning Services been in business?

A: Bullseye Cleaning Services has been in business since 1983. Nearly 40 years of experience handling commercial buildings and residential properties.

Q: Are Bullseye Cleaning Services technicians properly trained?

A: Absolutely. We place a major emphasis on training. Our goal is to provide a team of professionals that will do a high quality job each and every time.

In order to ensure our cleaning crews are up to date on the latest technology, we make sure to keep their certifications up to date and sending them to any training courses that may help them serve our clients better.

Q: What do you charge for a cleaning?

A: Our rates are determined by the size of the space and complexity of the cleaning process. Projects that require less time and fewer crew members to clean will be less than a multi-floor commercial building.

If you are interested in a quote for cleaning services, give us a call. We will send out a certified project manager to evaluate your property and provide you the most competitive quote possible.

Q: Is there anything I need to do prior to the cleaning service?

A:  No need to do anything- that is our job! Our cleaning crews are fully prepared to handle any pick up of clutter, trash or debris. After the pick up process, we will move right into giving your space a deep and effective clean.

Q: Do I need to provide any cleaning supplies?

A: We have that covered! Our trucks are fully stocked with the latest environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. We also ensure that every truck is equipped with state-of-the-art tools speed up the cleaning process while servicing your property at the upmost quality.

Q: What kinds of cleaning products do you use? Are they environmentally friendly?

A: Our goal is to provide the most natural cleaning solution on each and every project. We do this to ensure that anyone that comes in contact with the cleaning solutions- regardless if it is your pet, family member, employee or yourself, will be protected and safe.

We use green cleaning solutions because of their benefits. They keep our technicians and clients safe, while protecting the environment.

The benefits of green cleaning outweigh any of the perks that harsh chemical cleaners may seem to offer. In fact, with many of the new cleaning products out on the market, many green cleaning products outperform their unsafe counterparts when used side-by-side.

Other benefits of green cleaning include:

Enhance health of your building occupants

Decrease water and air pollution

Improve overall indoor air quality of the building

Reduce Greenhouse gasses within the environment

Choose Bullseye Cleaning Services for your next project

If you feel it is time to switch up your professional cleaning strategy, give Bullseye Cleaning Services a call!  With nearly 40 years of experience, we have serviced thousands of customers and have the experience necessary regardless the size of business or property.

Working with both commercial and residential properties has kept us up-to-date on the most recent technologies within the cleaning industry. We also take pride in offering green cleaning solutions on each and every project- ensuring ultimate safety for your building occupants.

Servicing the Chicagoland area, we proudly cover the cities of Burr Ridge, Hinsdale, Willow brook , Clarendon Hills, Darien , Lemont, Oak Brook, Downers Grove, Lombard, Lisle, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Romeoville, LaGrange, Western Springs, Riverside, North Riverside, Forest Park, and Wheaton.

If you are interested in a complementary assessment of your cleaning needs,  call Bullseye Cleaning Services Now at (630) 887–7550.